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What are EcoStiks Patches?


EcoStiks patches are customizable, fabric, durable stick-on patches. They can be used to decorate, patch holes, repair fabric and gear, and  promote a brand or message.

What are EcoStiks?

EcoStiks are customizable, fabric, durable stick-on patches. They can be used to decorate, patch holes, repair fabric and gear, and  promote a brand or message.


EcoStiks patches are totally customizable in shape and printed design. We offer design templates and guidelines for you to create your own custom EcoStiks patch. We laser cut each EcoStiks patch, so you can customize the shape, too.

Add an image, a logo, a catchy phrase, or a QR code for your website. EcoStiks patches have been used for events, businesses, volunteer organizations, and as pure art!

We also offer blank EcoStiks patches so you can draw on your own design.


EcoStiks patches are made from Repreve, the world’s leading brand of recycled performance fiber. Repreve fabric is upcycled from single-use plastic bottles, eliminating waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Our values of reducing single-use plastic and reusing whenever possible are woven into our EcoStiks patches. We love to use EcoStiks patches on clothing, tents, and bags. The soft, flexible texture is perfect for mending gear to extend its life.


EcoStiks patches were originally designed for wetsuits, but as we discovered, they stick on EVERYTHING except wetsuits! This discovery helped us find the huge list of other ways to use EcoStiks.
  • Cups, water bottles, mugs - they're dishwasher safe!
  • Clothes, tote bags, backpacks, boots
  • Speakers, laptops, phone cases
  • Tents, coolers, surf boards, kayaks, SUPs
  • Cars, boats, bikes, skateboards

They are waterproof, machine washable, dishwasher safe, sun-resistant and safe for snow and water gear.

By mending holes and dings with EcoStiks patches, you extend the life of your gear and keep it out of the landfill.

Easy to Use

EcoStiks patches couldn't be easier to use - just peel and stick, no ironing needed!

Unlike traditional patches, EcoStiks patches stay on without any heat transfer required. Once applied, EcoStiks patches will stay put in the washing machine, dishwasher, and even in the sun, snow, and ocean!

We love seeing how our customers use EcoStiks patches. Tag us on Instagram @EcoStiks to show us how you stik it.


  • EcoStiks are made at a socially and environmentally conscious female owned and operated creative print shop and art studio in Santa Barbara, California.

    • Our EcoStiks are made in part from Repreve®, a fabric upcycled from recycled water bottles NOT toxic or single use plastics.  Find out the good works Repreve is doing:

    • We use environmentally friendly inks and a sublimation process that is less harmful to the environment than other types of heat transfers.

    • We print and manufacture in small batches, giving us the ability to reduce waste and increase efficiency. 

    • We use recycled alternatives for items in our manufacturing or shipping process, including using shipping envelopes, boxes and packing paper that are made from recycled or upcycled materials. 

    • We are UPS Carbon Neutral Partners. This program supports other projects that offset carbon emissions such as reforestation and wastewater treatment. 

    Read our Sustainability commitments here for more information about how we are working to support our environment.

    • Coming soon!

  • Generally, we guarantee print between 5-7 business days after a proof is approved.  We are limited by our unique small batch production method and increased demand for our EcoStiks™.  However, we can “rush” an order,  but there is an extra cost associated with expedited orders, depending on the quantity, project details and inventory. 

    How does shipping work around business days and holidays?

    Our shipments go out Monday through Friday in line with our production schedule and hours, excluding federal holidays within the United States.  

  • We have a studio and print space in Santa Barbara , California. We do not currently have a retail space, but we are happy to send out samples to those interested in seeing and feeling EcoStiks in person.

  • Yes! Visit our Ambassador Program page to inquire.

  • Please visit our Contact page to reach out.



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