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Wholesale and Promotional Products

EcoStiks patches are a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional promotional products like pens and plastic trinkets. 

At EcoStiks, we're ready to see change in the promotional product industry. Request a quote for your order or inquire to become an distrubutor of EcoStiks patches. Show your clients your commitment to a greener future!

What's Wrong With Traditional Promo Products?

Today, more single-use plastic is being produced and sent to landfills than ever before. Promotional products contribute significantly to this problem because many of them just aren't useful or are made to be disposable. EcoStiks patches, on the other hand, are useful, long-lasting waste reducers. 

EcoStiks patches reduce the amount of trash that's sent to landfills because they are upcycled from plastic water bottles. EcoStiks patches can be used to repair broken equipment or torn fabric, making it an upcycling multiplier that further prevents items from ending up in the garbage. 

Say goodbye to throw-away promo products like pens, plastic bottles, and trinkets and say hello to a new wave of sustainability-minded swag.


Sustainably made: The ONLY patch made from Repreve, a fabric upcycled from recycled plastic water botles, NOT toxic vinyl or single-use plastics. Artisan crafted, green fabricated, printed with eco-friendly inks, and recycled  & upcycled packaging.

Universal: Super Stiky! Can be used to customize almost anything! Great for outdoor and indoor gear, including backpacks, helmets, water bottles, electronics, surfboards, snowboards, skis, yoga mats, pots, and phone cases!

Versatile: Waterproof, colorful, slightly stretchy, and unique silky feel. Promotes upcycling, reduces waste, adds aesthetic appeal, and can be used to patch and repair clothing and equipment.

Customizable: Fully customizable in shapes and sizes, images, and photographs, or keep them blank as a personal creative canvas.

Why EcoStiks?

EcoStiks patches are a great way to show your customers that you are committed to environmental causes. Many promotional products are wasteful and disposable, but EcoStiks patches are value-driven and incredibly useful.

EcoStiks is founded on a love of surf and the ocean, rooted in community, self-expression, protecting the environment, and dedicated to bringing awareness around the use of single-use plastics. 

We are dedicated to the planet. We collaborate with our customers, non-profits, partners, ambassadors and consumers to protect, educate and inspire! We believe small waves make big waves. It's not just a patch, it's a way of life!

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