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Representing Our Values

EcoStiks Ambassadors

Ambassador Program

Do EcoStiks' values resonate deeply with you? Do you have a cause or message you'd like to spread through EcoStiks? In our ambassador program, we love to elevate individuals and causes we align with by providing a platform and resources to spread awareness.

EcoStiks Ambassadors Are...

  • ​Passionate about the environment, the outdoors, community, self-expression, or all of the above!
  • Familiar with the EcoStiks EcoSystem and how we all play a part in protecting the environment
  • Ready to spread their own message through EcoStiks patches

    Ambassadors will receive free custom EcoStiks patches in exchange for showing us how they use EcoStiks to uphold our sustainability values.

    Sound interesting? We welcome you to apply below!

Ecostiks in action

How will you stik it?

There are infinite ways for you to use your EcoStiks patches. We love seeing how our ambassadors use EcoStiks in their every day lives. Watch Julie instantly transform her tumbler using EcoStiks.

Interested in Becoming an Ambassador?

​Tell us a bit about yourself! We are always eager to have new people join our ambassador team!
I am representing
A brand/company
An individul (myself)
A non-profit/NGO
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