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Our Story


As EcoStiks CEO and Founder Julie Schneiderman puts it, "My greatest failure became my greatest success,". While creating EcoStiks in 2020, she discovered more uses for her EcoStiks than she ever thought possible!


How It All Began

EcoStiks started as a failure.  With a love of surf, expression, creativity and the environment, EcoStiks were originally designed and product tested to customize and stick to wetsuits.

As it turned out, no matter what adhesive and eco-friendly material combination we tested, we couldn’t get our EcoStiks to Stik to wetsuits. We almost gave up on EcoStiks, until we started sticking EcoStiks on everything BUT wetsuits - surfboards, skateboards, snowboards, skis, hats, yoga mats, planters, roller skates, jerseys, jackets, instruments - and they really STUK!  

Not only did EcoStiks STIK,  but because we chose to use a waterproof, durable, eco-friendly fabric made from recycled water bottles during the development process, EcoStiks had utilitarian uses we hadn’t intended.

And finally, I realized my EcoStiks can be used as a forum for bringing awareness to single use plastics and protecting the environment we ALL like to play in

Julie Schneiderman

CEO and Founder


Ecostiks was founded in 2020 by Julie Schneiderman, an artist, surfer, mother and environmentalist.

We're headquartered in Santa Barbara's arts district, the Funk Zone.

Ecostiks was founded in 2020 by Julie Schneiderman, an artist, surfer, mother and environmentalist.We're headquartered in Santa Barbara's arts district, the Funk Zone.

Our Mission

Founded on a love of the ocean and art, Ecostiks aims to CREATE the most sustainable promotional AND RETAIL products.

EcoStiks™ creates customizable, sustainable, durable, versatile and universal stick on patch alternatives to traditional branding and promotional stickers and patches currently on the market. Ecostiks is a woman-owned and artist led small business based in sunny Santa Barbara, California.

Our Team

Julie Schniederman

CEO and Founder​

I am the Founder and CEO of EcoStiks™. I am a passionate advocate for community, humanity, the arts, adventure, bantering ideas, disrupting the ordinary and striving to be a good human.

Alison Soens

Design Director

I am a freelance graphic designer and artist. In my free time I enjoy skateboarding, roller skating, and surfing with my family and friends.

Lyndsey Kenefick

Ambassador Program Operations

A Hawaiian native, my lifelong love of the water began with early swimming lessons from my dad. The water remains a constant companion and source of support for me. I find joy in community events, outdoor pursuits, and my vibrant social circle. 

Jasmin Tupy

Social Media Manager

I am passionate about environmental communication and sustainable practices. Whenever I can, I love connecting with mama earth by surfing and free diving!

Arielle Robles

Web Designer

In my free time I love surfing and connecting with my surroundings through photography. I enjoy road trips, camping, and being in nature with good company.

Our Principles


EcoStiks are made to last. They're waterproof, sun-resistant, dishwasher safe, machine washable, and maintain their stickiness over time.


Reusability is key to earth-friendly practices. Not only are EcoStiks made from upcycled plastic water bottle's, but they can be used to extend the life of your damaged belongings. EcoStiks can patch holes in clothing, outdoor gear, or any fabric that needs mending.


EcoStiks' team members are artists who believe in the importance of self expression. We're always finding ways to incorporate artful designs into our EcoStiks and production methods.

Community forward

We believe in the power of community to spread awareness of plastic overconsumption and eco-friendly alternatives. We rely on our community to uplift, educate, and hold one another accountable.

Environment First

EcoStiks is a member of 1% for the Planet and is a California Green Business. Our production process uses environmentally friendly inks and a less toxic sublmitation process than traditional heat transfers.


By creating high quality, made-to-last products, we can help reduce the amount of trash that gets sent to landfills. Our EcoStiks help repair items that may otherwise be thrown away.

Our Community

At EcoStiks™, we support non-profit organizations through charitable donations, volunteering, eco-inspired events, and providing a 15% discount on approved orders. 

Here are some of the organizations and causes the EcoStiks™ Team has been involved with recently.  

Our Partnerships

"Santa Barbara’s Julie Schniederman, Owner of EcoStiks, Shares Her Eco-Friendly Sticker Response to Single-Use Plastics at Las Vegas Trade Show"

We've Been Covered

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